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Embark on a day long journey with Summer, tackling and choosing how you want scenes to play out, as you learn about her struggles she has to face as an augmented being.

The year is 2077, the Earth itself has not been consumed by nuclear fire, fallen into another Great War or nature be its undoing, yet. As technological advances have made such weapons obsolete, and the world has pulled resources from galaxies taming the demand on earth. Now, enhancements of the human body have become the norm, as non-enhanced humans are the new minority and growing fears of the dire consequences of making man more like, a machine like god.

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Published1 year ago

Install instructions

There are two .zip files available, you'll only need one of the two, depending if your operating system is MacOS or Windows;

H+-1.0-mac.zip is for Mac users. Just unzip the folder and run the .exe file.

H+-1.0-win.zip is for Windows users. Just unzip the folder and run the .exe file.

Any questions or troubles, please contact me.


H+-1.0-mac.zip (62 MB)
H+-1.0-win.zip (64 MB)